Why Mature Writers Create Bestsellers

Some time ago, I read an article (2005) which stated that 50 was the perfect age to publish a book, if you wanted it to be a bestseller. “Unlike scientists or musicians, writers tend to mature with age,” said Bob Young, CEO of Lulu, the online publishing site. Why would that be?  Maybe it’s because people around that age finally have stories to write about. They lived their lives first. It is a known fact that most of what is written is drawn from personal experience: love and lost, passion about or absolute abhorrence towards someone or something.  As we sit to write, we have the ability to relive our experiences, give the characters new names and freely decide how the story will end. Not probable in reality.   

As a ghostwriter, most of my clients are mature writers who finally decided they are qualified to write about the topic they have passion for.  They may not know the ‘mechanics’ of grammar or sentence structure, but that is why I’m here. What’s most important is their calling to write – to share their knowledge and stories. Apparently, something happens at 50 (it could happen sooner, in my opinion).  It has to do with change: wanting something different and an inner voice that has a deep longing to be heard.  I wanted to be heard above the maddening noise and competitiveness that drives our society these days.  So, I’ve been writing with the goal of my books being published. Will they be bestsellers? Haven’t got a clue, but I can always dream and hope. Well… being 50+ will hopefully up the ante.

In the meantime, I’m helping others express their calling. Currently, I’m working on a book that is absolutely magical and transformational. I’ve signed a Confidentiality Agreement with my client, but I can say it is about Love in its most purest and profound form.

When the calling strikes to write, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be easy.  There are numerous times I’ve had to coach clients through their resistance (fear) before they put anything on paper.  I’m always telling them to read; keep company with authors who have struggled with the craft. I surround myself with books that inspire me all the time. One of my reference books is Rollo May’s The Courage to Create.  In it he states, “Imagination is the fountainhead of human experience.” We are constantly imagining things and that is what determines the life we lead.  You’ve heard the term, “Thoughts become things?”

By the time we are 50, we become more retrospect – examining the choices we made or didn’t. The narrative we share is more likely a compilation of wounds, challenges, regrets, gratitude, perseverance, wisdom and love…on and on.  But does it need to be a bestseller? Not necessarily.  More than likely it serves the purpose of reflecting back to us a masterpiece of a life well lived or in need of reassembling.


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