A Writer’s Place of Sacred Safety

“In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.” – Author, Albert Camus

 Above the din of constant distractions a writer needs a place of sacred safety. Why do I say ‘sacred safety’? Because, having been a ghostwriter for some time, I’ve come to realize that not everyone understands or respects the nature of writing. To many people, it’s just play or considered non-essential.   I must admit I’ve often been ambushed to go for a Starbucks latte or people dropping by unannounced for a ‘quick’ visit. Before I knew it, my most productive hours were used up. Any writer loves the occasional distraction. If we sit constantly our muscle mass will lose its density and our stomachs grow and grow.  So we need a reason to get up and move. A distraction helps recharge our batteries; have us come back and look at what we’ve written with fresh eyes.  

However, when we are ‘called’ to write, we have to give in to it. I’ve stated before that we are co-creators. The book idea that ‘spoke’ to us, or came in a dream (or wherever), was divinely inspired: remember creative energy is God’s energy, and it is our responsibility to show up and do our part. To be given the task of birthing an idea is sacred, and as such, we need to treat it with utmost care. Do you know how many ideas have bit the dust, because a person didn’t have the courage to set boundaries? They allowed external circumstances to get in the way. Now, I’m not saying to abandon family or other pertinent duties, but setting priorities and boundaries are key factors. When we have our order of business properly aligned then there’s freedom.

What do I mean by ‘safety’? A writer needs a place that assures our ability to write without judgment: a large closet, the barn or attic.  In my place of safety, I can close the door and meditate to recharge my batteries or tune-in to my higher power. Most importantly, it’s my place to occasionally gaze out the window to the lake and work without scrutiny.

Writing is sacred and I guess that is why it is difficult for a lot of people, but I would also say that any creative expression is sacred. I love to paint, but I suck badly at it. I’m always praising those who do it so well, as I praise the dancer, the acrobat, the musician, the poet, even the accountant!  We are all born with talents that not many others can do. The expression, “God-given talent” is pretty definitive, so I’d say, pay homage to your writing. Don’t allow others to squander your precious time and energy.



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